Jessica Jane - Magician, Corporate Entertainer, Cruise Ship Headliner, Host

Jessica Jane – Named ‘Magical Entertainer of the Year’ by the TMT Entertainment Awards

“Confidence, Grace and Style!” –Penn Jillette, Penn & Teller

“Jessica Jane Peterson Commanded the Stage.”  USA Today

Female magician Jessica Jane Peterson is the “One to Watch” in 2018, especially in the magic and entertainment industry.” 

-Markos Papadatos, The Digital Journal

Having performed over 10,000 shows since the age of 12, Jessica has worked her magic in cities like Las Vegas, Chicago, Atlantic City and Pigeon Forge. She also headlined on Cruises sailing to 22 countries, performed military tours, and has entertained at fairs all over the USA.

Here is Jessica bringing a silk handkerchief to life on The CW Network! Visit the show page for more.

Client Feedback

“I am happy to report that the magic world has a new star: Jessica Jane Peterson, brilliant, fresh, and with great personality and energy. The “Illusions” show is highly appreciated by all of our international of guests.” -Davide Mazzino, Cruise Director on Costa Cruises

Very Good! Great Audience Connection!” -Holland America Lines

Bravo! Please come back. Our House (of Cards) is your House!” -Bill Miller , Owner of House of Cards, Nashville

A Perfect Fit!” -Magic Magazine

Jessica Jane is a sparkling diamond in the world of entertainment!” -Ward Hall, King of the Sideshow

One of the most talented entertainers in the Smoky Mountains!”



More Client Feedback

“One of the most Talented Entertainers in the Smoky Mountains”
– Jason Fishman,

More Client Feedback

“That was very Impressive!” Allyson Hannigan,  ‘How I Met You Mother’

More Client Feedback

“You have an incredible amount of confidence, and grace, and style, and it’s just beautiful…It was a wonderful wonderful routine all the way through.”
Penn Jillette, Penn & Teller

More Client Feedback

“Great job on the show, once again.”
Teller, Penn & Teller

More Client Feedback

“You charmed the pants off everyone here at Fool Us. Seriously. When you left, there were pants everywhere!”
Matt Donnelly, Comedy writer & Producer, Co-host of Penn’s Sunday School

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“You did a bang up job, Jessica.  You made us all proud.Thanks for joining us and being so easy to work with.”
Lincoln Hiatt, Film Producer

More Client Feedback

“Very well done Jessica!…Keep up the good work, your future is bright! You are a prime example of what I tell young magicians – do as many shows as you can! You did and it shows!”
Lance Burton, Master Magician