Let Jessica Jane fool you… and you’ll have the time of your life.

But please, don’t be fooled by the charming look of this little redhead. Jessica is a daredevil and a powerhouse performer. She is an experienced sleight of hand artist, a fabulous fire eater, and a magician with more than 10,000 shows under her belt.Jessica Jane

Jessica has performed in America’s top tourist destinations like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Pigeon Forge and at sea for Costa Cruises. This “wonder woman” grew up in her family’s touring illusion show, where she learned the ins and outs of the art of magic and later on perfected her craft by performing in over 2500 shows at Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge TN.

When Jessica drops her handkerchief… she isn’t hoping for the attention of just one man! While doing so she holds the entire crowd spellbound, and even the handkerchief itself. You will be surprised when you see Jessica make it dance magically across the stage before it ends up in a jar captivated by her spell.


Jessica adds a comedic flair to her routines, along with lots of audience participation. There’s a chance YOU may end up being a part of the show. Disclaimer – Jessica doesn’t make husbands disappear.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and during her card magic this proves to be true. Many men find it impossible to read a woman’s mind. Jessica proves the opposite is totally possible when she invites a male counterpart/volunteer on stage during her mentalism act.

Her show is as versatile as her personality. When you book Jessica Jane expect comedy, close-up magic, grand illusions, sleight of hand, dangerous escapes and mindreading (if it doesn’t slip her mind).


She may be cute looking, but there is a fierce little Flamme Fatale behind this innocent looking young lady. Jessica is one of the best fire-eaters in the country. It’s a skill that she learned during her tour with ‘The World of Wonders’ side show. After ten years of performing it, she has now blended this old vaudeville act with a special kind of magic that will leave you mystified!

Jessica’s performance will have everyone on the edge of their seats! But don’t fall off your chair, because even though she does comedy… that’s not funny!



You are guaranteed to be Spellbound, Charmed, and Entertained by Jessica Jane Peterson!